Masao Kagawa 8th Dan, World Chief Instructor Japan Karate Shotorenmei. Famed for his superb kicking ability, agile movement and thoroughly precise kihon, is nothing short of a karate treasure.

Masao Kagawa – Profile

Date of Birth: 8 June 1955

Place of Birth: Osaka City (Japan)

Final School: Teikyo University (Law Course)

Chair Man: N.P.O. Tokyo Karate Union

Head Coach: Teikyo University Karate Team

Executive Director: All Japan Student Karate Union

Executive Director and the Member of Board: All

Kanto Student Karate Union

Chief of Technical Division: N.P.O. Japan Karate Shotokai (JKS)

Karate Coach: National Team of All Japan Karate Union

Sixth Dan: All Japan Union

1980: Graduate from Teikyo University

1980: Join JKA, Instructor Training Course

1983: Won 1st Place in group Kata, at the World Cup Karate Championship in (Hungry).

1983: Won 3rd place in group kumite at the (IAKF) World Championship in (Egypt).

1984: Won, 2nd place both in Kata and kumite at 27th JKA, All Japan Karate Championship.

1985: Won, 1st place in both, (Kata) and (Kumite) at 28th JKA, All Japan Karate Championship.

1986: Won 1st place in group Kata at the 6th World Karate Federation (WKF) World Championship in (Australia)

1989: Won, 3rd place in kumite at 32nd JKA, All Japan Karate Championship

1999: Won 1st place both Kata and Kumite, and became The World Shotokan Karate Champion at the World JKA Karate Championship in (UAE) Dubai.

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